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The Power of A Pause

By Karen Vally on 17 Oct 2017

Let's be honest, most of us spend far too many of our waking hours sitting in front of a computer and forget to take regular breaks, primarily because we're afraid that by doing so, we won't finish our work. If only we were to realise that, by taking the time to pause, we would be so much more productive. Our backs, brains and eyes really do need regular breaks.

When we slow down, pause to look around us and calm our racing minds, we are also more inclined to pay attention to our feelings and can decide to act on them. 

We risk paying a heavy price if we choose to continue rushing frenetically through each day. When we feel overwhelmed, exhausted and frustrated, we are incapable of distiguishing between the " rubber balls" and the " crystal balls" that life throws at us.

What if we were to take " the road less travelled " by pausing regularly during our waking hours? What if we were to do that again tomorrow...and the next day...for the rest of our lives?

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