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The Big Picture, the Small Picture and Everything Else in Between

By Karen Vally on 18 Oct 2017

So much to do and so little time. That's a mantra most of us will have uttered on many occasions. So often, we begin our week, all fired up with our list of things to do, and before we know it, the first day of the week ends and we are left with a list of unfinished tasks. What goes wrong?

Nothing at all. Life, by its very nature, is full of the unexpected. The key is to be well prepared and to remain calm. There is no crystal ball into which we can gaze to reveal every challenge that lies ahead. Life is, and always will be, a mystery. A useful strategy might be to avoid making any assumptions and to practise our problem solving skills.

But what could we do to ensure that a sense of frustration and overwhelm does not sabotage our efforts to be the very best that we can be? 

What if we were to take a few moments to think about that for which we would like to be remembered? I love listening to radio interviews and one of my favourites is when Asfraf Garder from SAFM puts his guest "in the spotlight." He asks the person questions such as, "Which book has had the greatest impact on your life?" His final question is always,"How would you like to be remembered?"

What would you like the members of your family and your friends to say about you at your funeral?  I'm not being morbid, but rather creating an awareness of how worthwhile it is to reflect on our death, not to make us fearful, but so that we might know how to live a more meaningful life.

What if you were to write a Mission Statement to encourage you each day? Mine reads as follows: By becoming a life coach, I want to use my God-given gifts and talents to help others wherever and whenever I can, to reach their true potential. I want to leave a legacy of someone who really cared. The late Burry Stander inspired my Mission Statement. Who will inspire yours?

So, as I put my head on my pillow at night, even though I might not have completed my list of things to do on that particular day, I need only to shift my focus towards my Mission Statement for me to remember the Bigger Picture, rather than be discouraged by the smaller picture and everything else in between. 

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