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By Karen Vally on 31 Jan 2018

Most of us will have begun this year with at least one new goal. What we often forget, is that each goal comes with a range of obstacles. What could we do to ensure that we remain steadfast in our efforts?

The most effective initial response would be to remain calm. We can do that simply by taking 3 deep breaths. Seek the guidance of an expert or mentor and gather the necessary resources. Start asking effective questions, exploring different perspectives and write down possible options. Recall occasions in the past when a particular response brought a desired outcome. Think creatively and try something new. Break the challenge up into small, realistically achievable steps to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Have a plan and keep things simple. Cultivate an active mindset and practise being adaptable and flexible.

As we keep moving forward towards our desired outcome, be mindful of the benefits that lie ahead. Take a daily dose of patience and perseverance. Be consistent. Create an environment in which better choices are most likely.

If we slip back into an old habit, recommit to the desired outcome and go back to the process. Build momentum. If we stick to the process, it soon becomes much easier. Be disciplined, make sacrifices and be positive. Measure progress and reward successes. Share these experiences with other people. Be curious and learn from mistakes.

Adam Sicinski says that we should adopt a 360 degree approach to thinking about our lives and our circumstances by using hindsight, foresight and insight.

What is the most recent obstacle that you have encountered?
How did you overcome it?


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