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The Ordinary, Everyday and Mundane Moments

By Karen Vally on 27 Feb 2018

I wonder if you have ever spent any time thinking about your daily routine. How much repetition is there? To what extent do you vary what you do each day? How much certainty do you need in your life to make you feel comfortable?

While each of us is unique, I have no doubt that we have much in common when it comes to our daily routine. What is your attitude towards each new morning? To what extent does this depend on whether it's a weekday morning or a Saturday or Sunday morning?

Recently, I came across a very worthwhile suggestion. The writer invites us, as soon as we open our eyes in the morning, to think about how we would like to feel on that particular day, and then to sit and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, focusing on its aroma and how warm it makes us feel. It's an invitation to begin the day in a much slower manner than most of us probably do.

Those of us who thrive on having a set routine, probably do the same thing in the same order every single morning. There is certainly no right or wrong way in which to prepare for the day ahead. It just depends on what our needs are and how we like to get them met. Some of us thrive on certainty, whereas others prefer variety. Most people enjoy creating a balance between the two.

What is your attitude towards your daily routine? How often do you focus on what you are doing? To what extent do you just "go through the motions"? What role does planning play in your daily routine? How often do you describe your daily experience as the "same old"?

I wonder when we last focused on being alive and all that it takes to keep us alive. Imagine not being able to walk, communicate or take care of ourselves. As able-bodied people, can we honestly say that we truly appreciate every aspect of our mobility and functionality, or do we take those aspects of ourselves for granted?

Many years ago, we lived near Chesire Home for The Disabled and my best friend, Diane and I would often visit the residents with our toddlers. I was astounded that whenever we asked them how they were, they always replied, "Fine thank you." The lesson was very loud and clear.

What if we were to find a way to celebrate the ordinary, everyday and mundane moments in our lives by...

Expressing our gratitude for being alive as soon as we wake up in the morning?
Being aware of our achievements? Appreciating ourselves and acknowledging our gifts, talents and strengths?
Celebrating our relationships with those whom we love and cherish?
Spending time each evening thinking about the good things that have happened that day?

" Getting into the habit of celebrating the ordinary is a skill that provides the foundation for an overall well-lived life."


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