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By Karen Vally on 11 Apr 2018

 What if we were to shift our focus by cultivating contentment rather than embarking on an endless search for happiness somewhere outside of ourselves? Happiness and pleasure come and go. When we decide to feel contented, we practise celebrating the good in our lives, while simultaneosly working through our difficulties.

Contented people focus consistently on the here and now and on the positive experiences in their lives. The pursuit of happiness will engage our minds in a never-ending cycle until we die, unless we develop a different way of being. We don't have to wait until that illusionary so-called perfect life arrives. Rather than trying to change anything or making something else happen, we could practise appreciating life exactly where we are. Most of us fall into the trap of seldom sitting back and taking stock of where we are in life, and what's going on, so it's no wonder that a feeling of peaceful satisfaction often eludes us.

What if we were to change our attitude from continuously wanting something more, to one of acceptance? What if we were to begin by being good to ourselves by nourishing our bodies and doing one thing every single day that we enjoy? What if we were to spend time alone every day and especially in nature? What if we were to manage our emotions more effectively? What if we were to eat healthily and exercise more regularly? What if we were to meditate? What if we were to start a gratitude diary? What if we were to reach out to others more readily? What if we were to feel joy more deeply and spread it around? What if we were to find our true purpose? What if we were to work hard so that we could leave a legacy?

 When did we last feel grateful for ourselves and proud of our accomplishments? To what extent are we satisfied with where we are? What aspect of our lives are we longing to change? 

" Contentment is cultivated, but it's done so by first going deep inside of yourself, and then out in all directions rather than a narrow view from a single point...contentment isn't something you can go searching for, but like a deep sleep, it's waiting for you if you tune yourself in..."

 When we work on our relationship with ourselves, we often experience more love and joy than we ever dreamt was possible. Let us work continuously towards that feeling of contentment. It feels so much more comfortable than greed or envy...In the words of The Rolling Stones, " You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you get what you need."


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