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Like a Hand in a Glove

By Karen Vally on 16 Jul 2018

A value is a quality or aspect of our lives that is really important to us. How many of us know and understand our values? Take a few moments to write down your core values. Where did they come from? Why are they important to you? To what extent are you living your values? What if you were to update them?

Our personal values are the very essence of who we are and the type of person we would like to become. An easy way to determine what our values are, is to take a stroll down memory lane by recalling those times when we felt particularly happy, proud and fulfilled. Which needs were being satisfied in those euphoric moments? (Those of us who are familiar with our core values might also enjoy doing this exercise.) Use this information to decide what is really important to you. Notice how your priorities may have changed.

If we take the time to identify our values, they have the potential to act as our own personal framework for living a good life. When we are aware of and understand them, we gain clarity and grow our confidence. Our values are great filters which enable us to evaluate our various options. When the things we do match our values, life is good and we feel comfortable and contented.

Being more conscious of our core values enables us to determine the quality of our lives both now and in the future. We can use them to point us in the right direction. Keeping in touch with our values should be a lifelong exercise. What if we were to revisit them more regularly?

" When you achieve complete congruence between your values and your goals, like a hand in a glove, you feel strong, happy, healthy and fully integrated as a person. You develop a kind of courage that makes you completely unafraid to make decisions and take action. Your whole life improves when you begin living your life by the values you most admire." Brian Tracy

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